Cities of Opportunity
Healthy People, Thriving Communities

Cities of Opportunity (CoO) supports local leaders in charting new paths that seek to heal long-standing inequities and create more equitable and resilient futures. CoO takes a holistic approach to policies, practices and programs for recovery from the pandemic and to improve the health and well-being of city residents.

The CoO Action Cohort is designed for municipal leaders interested in developing comprehensive and equitable policy and systems changes to better address inequities in and among their communities. Focus is on diverse, interconnected factors that affect how long we live and how well we live, including housing, economic opportunity, and city planning and design.

Twelve pilot cities led the way in developing and implementing robust, integrated action plans for their communities that are informed by peer learning and engagement with national experts. A current CoO Action Cohort of six cities is working across agencies and partners to craft policy change and comprehensive strategies to improve health outcomes for their residents.

To learn more about the accomplishments of the pilot cities, see the full report: Cities of Opportunity: Healthy People, Thriving Communities – Highlights and Summary from 12-City Pilot

Open Opportunity:  Apply for the Cities of Opportunity Action Cohort

Turn Crisis into Pathways to Equity and Resiliency – join Cities of Opportunity Action Cohort to build capacity for policy and systems change across issues that affect health.

Applications are due to Kitty Hsu Dana at by October 23, 2020.

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